Let's change the world together!


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What I hope to do

My mission as a developer is to contribute to applications that empower and motivate lives. I believe that through code we can make the world a better place by building products that empower communities. Yes, let's change the world together!

What I'm doing

On my free time, I am building web applications through the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, an open source coding community. On top of FreeCodeCamp, I attend meetups and seminars, listen to engineering podcasts, read tech blogs, and take other online courses in order to help me develop a growth mindset and become a better developer. Throughout this journey, I have learned to accept failure and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

I recently started contributing to open source, attended my first hackathon, and completed the 100 DaysOfCodeChallenge. I shared the skills and values gained on Medium.

When I'm not coding, you can find me

Running | Hiking | Meditating | Reading | Traveling | Attending Music Festivals with BAE.


Languages and Frameworks: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB
IDE: Microsoft VS Code
VCS: Git/Github
PMS: Trello
Debugger: Chrome DevTools


Currently: React
On the radar: CSS Grids and SASS

Hacking on

1) Contributing to a Resiliency Map, which will help the city of San Francisco prepare for a natural disaster.
2) Building a File Metadata Microservice.


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EmpowerHerSF focuses on providing Human Trafficking awareness and funding to local SF women shelters. The website matches you with local shelters that need items that you have available to donate.

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Tic Tac Toe

A user can play a game of Tic Tac Toe with the computer and choose whether they want to play as X or O. The game will reset as soon as it's over. Built using: Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

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Pomodoro Timer

A countdown clock that switches between a Session Timer and Break Timer. The length of the timers are customizable and can be reset. Built using: Javascript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

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Javascript Calculator

A fully functional calculator that can chain mathematical operations together. Built using Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.

Simon Game

A browser based version of the 1980s classic Simon Game. Built using Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.

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Twitch Streamers

Shows whether a Twitch streamer is online, offline, or no longer active. Uses the Twitch.tv JSON API to get twitch streamers information. Built using Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS3.

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Wikipedia Viewer

Allows a user to search and view Wikipedia articles.Uses Wikpedia's API to retrieve the articles. Built using Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS3.

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Local Weather App

Shows the weather of the user's current location in both Fahrenheit and Celcius. Uses HTML5 Geolocation API to get the user's location and Dark Sky API for the weather conditions. Built using Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap.

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Inspirational Quotes Generator

Provides random inspirational quotes using Forismatic API. The user can share the quotes on Facebook and Twitter. Built using Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap

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Tribute Page

A simple tribute page featuring Steve Jobs's timeline and some of his famous quotes. This was my first time using Bootstrap :)

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URL Shortener Microservice

This service accepts a URL and will return both the original URL and shortened URL in a JSON response. Built using MongoDB, Node.js and Express.

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Request Header Parser Microservice

This service returns your IP address, language, operating system, and browser specs. Built using Node.js and Express.

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Timestamp Microservice

This service accepts a string and returns both the Unix timestamp and the natural language form of that date as a JSON object. Built using Node.js and Express.